Since it was on Netflix, I watched that Courage the Cowardly Dog episode with the space squid and let me tell you, I just love how Muriel just takes the whole thing in stride. Like, yay, a space squid crashed in the field! With eggs! It’s a mom squid! How exciting!

Twas the Night Before Halloween (gen) (9/15)

Original Prompt:

Jack Frost is the prince of Christmas Town. His job is to deliver Christmas/ice/wintery tricks and fun to kids, which is totally awesome and fun and stuff, but year after year of the same old gags and jokes can be, y’know, boring. And Jack doesn’t like being bored. So, one day, he takes a walk and ends up in a clearing with doors in different shapes. He opens one of the doors and ends up in Halloweentown, ruled by the Nightmare King himself.

Jack thinks this town is AWESOME and learns some of their tricks and takes them home to use on kids. But what was once innocent fun has become more than a bit dangerous.

TL;DR: Nightmare Before Christmas, but with Jack Frost in Jack Skellington’s place. I put “gen” in the title, but you can ship anyone with anyone.

Bonus if Pitch is completely in the dark about what Jack’s been up to.
SUPER Bonus if North kidnaps Pitch ‘cause he thinks he’s trying to elbow in on his holiday.
SO MANY BONUS POINTS if you can get the songs into the fic.

No songs, but North does kidnap Pitch because he thinks he’s some sort of weird creepy creature that shouldn’t be in Christmastown, where Pitch ends up accidentally. But then it quickly becomes apparent that Halloween isn’t going as it should.

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tejoxys said: I'd like to know how they handle births, adoptions, and naming.

Births: So, an interesting fact about all adepts in the DoL world is that after their powers are woken, none of them can have children. The only situation in which an adept would have a child would be if the adept lived in a place without a strong system for recognizing adepts, leaving their powers to emerge traumatically. The latest this would happen would be late puberty. So the adept parent would be a teenager. This situation doesn’t happen in well-connected adept communities, because in those cases power is recognized and woken well before puberty.

This doesn’t mean that light adepts and shadow adepts are useless during childbirth, though. Light adepts are good at helping women determine whether they’re pregnant or not. During the birth itself, light adepts can easily aid the mother in reaching sufficient dilation, as well as generally speed the labor along.

Shadow adepts, though the practice was somewhat lost, are helpful in preventing premature births. During labor, a skilled shadow adept can also do what amounts to an epidural, “hiding” the pathways along which pain would otherwise travel. More dangerously, they can also do workings that will allow the pregnant woman’s body to change as little as possible during the pregnancy, to conceal it. This last is generally the only thing people know that shadow adepts can do regarding a pregnancy.

Adoptions: Since there are no children born to adepts, they don’t generally adopt. Light adepts have helped adopted children find their biological parents, though, and shadow adepts have helped them hide from them.

Naming: Because being a light adept, and being associated with light, is so valued in Selenian society, the children who become light apprentices generally don’t change their names, because they already were given ones that had to do with light at their births. They no longer keep their family names, though. Older adepts tend to gain epithets, so even if an apprentice or younger adept has the same given name, they won’t be confused in a formal setting.

On the other hand, shadow adepts choose new names within a few days of being chosen by shadow. It’s not required, but since becoming a shadow adept leads to a break with (most) all earlier communities, choosing a new name is symbolic of that. It’s another way of claiming shadow—and otherwise you’d end up with a lot of shadow adepts with light-associated names. Like light adepts, the shadow adepts use no last names.

Anonymous said: *squints at choice of defeat* I'm kind of confused about who's talking at the end

The moment is probably passed for this answer, but I meant for it to be Bunny having the last word.

guardianofbelief said: I just wanna like everything you post. Yep everything. You're brilliant.

Thank you! I forget what I might have posted prior to this to prompt this because why would tumblr’s inboxes include when you received a message? 

But this made me feel great when it showed up in my messages and now it’s going to continue to make me feel great on my blog.

mira-eyeteeth said: It's your birthday? Have a happy one, dear! Best wishes for this newest chapter in your life.

Thank you! I had a very happy birthday, and while this chapter seems to be going all right, I kind of hope I reach an exciting cliffhanger soon! (Better a late response than never?)


I found a bunch of unfinished sketches of Tooth wearing Pitch’s jacket |:


I found a bunch of unfinished sketches of Tooth wearing Pitch’s jacket |:

(via marypsue)


Thank you! (Let’s just pretend I’ve been partying for two weeks straight even though that’s obviously not true.)

marypsue said: #I should continue that winter solstice secret society AU YES. YES YOU SHOULD.

I will put it in the barrel of “things that I might want to write a long thing for or alternatively just a bunch of weird smut” for after I get done with the adventures of Sandy the last lightbender.

(The barrel is dangerous because what if you start pulling a novel out of it? It can’t be put back in the barrel.) 

Confession: In my head I call A Draught of Light “Sandy the Last Lightbender”